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The Designers, builders, and consultants of HDC tackle projects of all sizes.



Robb Hawks is the founder of Hawks Design & Consulting LLC. His 40 years of experience in design have led to over $50 million in projects, two patents, and over a dozen books. He is a passionate award winning amateur photographer who travels around the world each year in search of photos, videos, and stories that peak his interest and can be used as creative "kick starters" in his designs.
rhonda jon
Rhonda Hawks keeps the entire company on track as a managing partner. She also enjoys accompanying Robb on his trips around the world.
Jonathan Hawks is a principle owner in HDC and manages the building and installation of scenic designs. He is also a novelist who brings creative solutions.
heather Ely
Heather Hawks is the HDC social media expert as well as a graphic artist. Her education includes Oxford University in London, England.
Ely VanEst is a valued team member who is a "jack of all trades". Everything from heavy lifting to art to web.
jeff brad
Jeff Staudte is part of the HDC team and serves as Robb's personal assistant specializing in scheduling, communications, and relationships..
Brad McMath is a digital artist and video production team member and the HDC resident historian. He brings context and visual interest to Robb's adventures.
Patrick Parks
Patrick Collins is an expert in "all things children" and serves as a valuable resource and consultant to Robb.
Dr. Paul Parks is an expert on middle eastern culture and has accompanied Robb on many of his global adventures.



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